What’s Up this Week

It has been a busy week.  We filmed Alexis Bellino “Real Housewives of Orange County”  at her home in Newport Beach.  She did a photo shoot for her clothing line “Alexis Couture” and “Alexis Casual” which you can purchase at www.Alexis-Bellino.com.  We met her children, talked about the new season of Real Housewives and took a tour of her home.

We also filmed award winning singer songwriter Michael Ubaldini who performs a song for us and we discuss his career and new band Michael and the Lonesome Playboys.  He has a new cd “Last of the Honky Tonks” which you can buy at www.RocknRollPoet.com

Today we are filming our segment What’s Up at the Movies with film critic Susanne Perez who reviews the new releases “True Grit”, “The King’s Speech” and “Season of the Witch”.

Wish I had time to blog everyday but there are so many things going on in Orange County we need to film!

Thanks to all for watching our show.

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