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All About Scott D. Stewart


Scott D. Stewart has been entertaining audiences since the age of 12 when he was cast on the television show ‘Quincy’ with Jack Klugman. As a host, actor and singer Scott has appeared in numerous television shows, movies, commercials and music videos including ‘Urban Combat’, ‘Melrose Place’, ‘Executive Decision’, ‘Chicago Hope’, ‘HA’ Comedy Network, ‘The Singing Bee’, ‘Flavor of Love 3’ as Flava Flav´s good friend and was picked to perform on Oprah Winfrey´s ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ Show.

You may have also seen some of his commercials for Big Lots, Mitsubishi, Big 5, Cash 411 and public service announcements for Adopt a Pet.

Over the years his many hosting and musical performances include: The Academy of Country Music Association, Ms. America Pageant Bob Hope’s USO Show, Disneyland, Regency International Pageant and hundreds of celebrity interviews including Jennifer Lopez, Carol Burnett, Martha Stewart, Tyra Banks and Debbie Reynolds.

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